Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rebuilding the Anthill

So there's this comedian I enjoy who has this little gag about what ants must be saying when we callous, lumbering humans step on their anthills:

"You would think that they would take at least a second to look at what happened and go 'OH MAN!  I DON'T BELIEVE IT!  I ain't doin' that again...'"

There's of course no scientific backing for the scenario, but I still think it's hilarious and that it's a good analogy for how I felt when I found out that my website, which I had been working on (with material both relevant to Nereus and not) for several years.  I just didn't even want to deal with it.

But, after more than a month of not really doing anything to get my website put back together, I've finally got a new site going.  Here's the link:

It's with Google Sites, so hopefully things will remain reliable enough.

At this point, all I have on the website is some information about Nereus itself, but take a look and let me know if there's anything I can improve, whether format-wise or in terms of content, while I'm still at this early stage of rebuilding my little anthill...


  1. A quick addendum: I've now got all the old biome sites up as well as information concerning the planet as a whole. If there's anything I should add before working on the rest of the website let me know.

  2. plants, basically, because you already jot down the animals, but other than that, you and sigmund nastrazzurro are A-#1 and you guys rock on!!! so keep on rolling :)

  3. Rodlox here -

    glad to see you back. new site looks great.

    and I second the #1, 'cause you and Mr. Nastrazzurro are that great.

  4. So, are you saying it's a tie? Because if it is, I'm going to have to disagree... ;)

    Thanks for the encouragement, guys!

  5. hey thanks evan and you're welcome, but a helpful tip my friend: work as much as you can on the website for about 3 hours when you get up(you dont have to though, it be helpful tt you and the website). i bet you' ll be 100% done by the 4th of july just by doing that

  6. Thanks for the advice, but the website isn't my highest priority at this point. I've got lots of things I'm working on this summer, and rebuilding the website can only happen in the gaps of time I can spare for it.

  7. it's a tie for all intents and purposes, in relation to everyone else.

    (Brynn Metheny is a close third, mind)

  8. do as much as you can when you get a certain amount of free time, it doesn't have to be a huge chunk so that there wont be a huge stress issue for you. try to upload as much of the animals as you can

  9. hey i just checked the website this morning and you're doing a great recovery. but, i have one teeny tiny question for you; when you get your free time again, which life form do you want to continue on; the animals or the plants i mean thats up to you, buddy

  10. Well, I'd like to pick up where I left off with the plants. I was just starting to get on a roll with them when the original website went kaput. Also, as I've been rebuilding I've been contemplating writing more general material about the clades and including some clarifying illustrations to go along with it, but all that might be best suited for after I've got all 200 species done. I'm not sure yet on that point.

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  12. I found some problems in the new website; 1. there is no size comparison charts for tiger kupala and banded conker and 2. no animated image of the goldwave. Can you fix them please?

  13. Hey, thanks for catching those! Sometimes when I get on a role I skip a step or two. If you see any other mistakes or missing pieces let me know so that I can correct them.

  14. Good recovery of the animals, you just missed 3 though for the size comparsion:
    Banded Conker
    Dwarf Bundler
    Spring-Heeled Jack
    That is all.

  15. Thank you for recreating the site, I really missed it!
    Looks like you forgot to reupload the extra images of the Dwarf Bundler, Flag Raptors, Gargoyle, Goldwave and Magnificent Strider.
    Do you still have them? Because, if you've lost them, I got them saved on my pc and I can upload them on a image hosting site.
    Keep up the great work!