Thursday, May 10, 2012


Well, I was just gearing up for a new batch of nereophytes when, literally out of nowhere, I'm informed that the entity hosting my website no longer exists.  Just like that, and the website is gone.  I can't put into words how disheartening this is.

Thankfully, more than 90% of the material is backed up, so the information is not lost, it's just not public anymore.  I'll be spending the next little while figuring out how to move forward with the project.


  1. The hazards of preserving information in the digital age.

    It's disheartening, but at least you have the important stuff backed up. :)

  2. Good luck.
    I sincerely hope you won't be "out of sight" as long as Nemo is. ;)

  3. Thanks, guys. Yes, pretty much everything is backed up, so nothing is really lost, it's just not available for public view (except in a few random places like threads in the SpecEvo forums and on Sigmund Nastrazzurro's blog)

    I can only assume that what has kept Nemo Ramjet from republishing his work is higher priorities with other projects, and I have to admit that I'm currently working on other things as well. However, I gain a great deal of personal satisfaction from the Nereus project, so I plan on republishing my work before too long.

    But I want to do it right. There were many things about the site's original incarnation that I would like to do differently, so when I move forward with the project again I want to do it right. Any suggestions for improvement out there?

  4. How about more on the plants of nereus?

    P.S. i apologize for my 3 previous comments that i had just deleted, but more importantly, im holding in my faith in you to have your website up and running to the public again sooner

  5. I hope all's going well, and you're doing okay.

  6. Wow, that sucks.I hope you can get this stuff back up again.