Friday, November 13, 2009

Filling out the Vehoprolians

I'm gonna give a link to my updates this time...


In an effort to see some diversity in my nereid life I decided to take this vehoprolian into a new direction. Instead of a squirrelly little seed gatherer I wanted to see something big and dangerous, akin to a gorilla in shape, but I couldn't shake the image in my mind of something resembling a saber tooth tiger. So, as usual, I mixed the two. How did I do?

Blueback Chaparro

This nereid is inspired directly by an encounter I had with a magpie. Corvids have always fascinated me, not only with their intelligence, but also with something I can only call mystique; a sharp confidence that makes me feel like a true intelligence is looking back at me. I hope I've translated some of this into the chaparro...

Cavalier Kentro

This was actually an early creation in my process, and I think it shows. The body form is very unique, realized before I'd locked down exactly where evolution had been going up to this point. It was too interesting to discard, and having it within the cladogram has forced me to explain its inclusion, thus creating whole new body types and adding to the organic creativity of the project!

Colossus Carm

I always wanted to see some elephantine life on Nereus, but for a long time I couldn't figure out what it looked like. I had originally called this the emperor carm, but wasn't pleased enough with how it turned out for it to have such a regal name. So I upped its size a little, changed its name, and the colossus was born! Now if only I can figure out what that other one looks like...

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