Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A New Home

When I started my xenobiology project last summer it was with the intention of sharing it online. I can fully admit that I enjoy hearing feedback about the things I work on, and that interest helps to fuel my drive to continue with the project. So when I had enough groundwork laid to begin churning out critters I was so eager to share what I had that instead of putting together a website to showcase what I had I scoured the internet to find a community that would have an interest in speculative biology.

Well, I eventually found one. I looked through it and was impressed by the sophisticated ideas discussed and the variety of worlds created. I felt like this was the place I could get the ball rolling with Nereus, and I dove right in with my contribution to the community.

Now, months later, I'm ready to move on. I can't say that there aren't things I'm going to miss about the place, but I am eager to get my site going where I can have a bit more control over the environment where I publish my work. So now I'm refocusing my efforts to finally see my site come together!

- Evan

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